What is a Zytoscan?

Do you have issues with sleeping? Hormonal imbalances? Malaise and fatigue? Health issues are inevitable, but you might not want to pump your system full of medicines with a long list of side effects. It's nice to have a helping hand in identifying potential issues and someone to offer homeopathic remedies to work towards feeling like the best version of yourself. That's exactly what the Zytoscan does. If you're interested in working towards a healthier lifestyle through dietary changes, supplements/vitamins, or essential oils, we believe that that the Zytoscan is your best next step.

How does a Zytoscan work?

A Zytoscan is an FDA approved device that uses the Galvanic Skin Response to pick up on imbalances in the body. This Galvanic Skin Response, or electrodermal activity, uses the electrical response of your skin to detect stressors in your body, much like a lie detector. You place your hand on the device, and the electrical waves go through the nervous system to pick up chemical and hormonal imbalances. This device is safe and easy to use as there are no shock waves. All you have to do is place your hand on the device, which will then produce a 22 to 35-page report within 10-15 minutes. 

What does a Zytoscan tell you?

The scan itself will tell us imbalances in systems such as:

  • GI
  • Hormonal
  • Immune
  • Detoxification

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We look at these four systems to see how they're linked and in what ways these imbalances are affecting your day to day life. It can also tell us if your spine is out of alignment which can affect you both physically and emotionally and can have potential effects on your kidneys or liver. It's like a giant puzzle and truly illustrates how everything in our bodies is connected.

‚ÄčThese tests will produce biomarkers with numbers associated with certain body systems. If you have a positive number, you're overproducing, and if it's a negative number, you're under producing. The goal of these numbers is to get the patient as close to 0 as possible, meaning they're balanced in the desired areas. We take all of this information into consideration as we work on formulating a lifestyle change for you. This information can be a lot to consume so we usually recommend identifying what area you would like to work on most. Once this area is identified, we can focus in on certain sections of the report.

After we identify your problem points, we can use the report to identify what vitamins, dietary changes, or essential oils may help your body balance internally. For those with spinal alignment issues, we recommend regular chiropractic adjustments from our home office, Towne Lake Family Chiropractic.

What's my next step?

After your first scan, you and your consultant will work together to make a plan of action for how you can work towards improving your internal balance and when you should schedule additional scans. This is a personal process that will differ from patient to patient as we seek to give your body what it needs to function well.

We hope this inspired you to invest in learning more about your health and how you can help balance your body systems. If you would like pricing or information on a Zytoscan consultation, click here.

Would you like to learn which essential oils your body needs? Schedule a Zyto balancing consultation to take your next step towards holistic healing and wellness! 

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Friday, 07 May 2021